Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds." Proverbs 27:23

Meet the Ladies
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"...who tends a flock and does not use the milk of the flock?." 1 Cor. 9:7c

Beth Re'im Amazing Grace
1st gen. (94.55/6.45%)

Mazin' is a lovely yearling with nice conformation and dairy character.
She has a very laid back attitude and loves human attention.
She also comes from amazing MILK lines all around!
When she's out in pasture and I go out to see her, oftentimes I just
clap my hands a few times and she come trotting up to see me!
I cannot wait to see what she produces!

Tested G6S Normal!!
Sire: Little Mountain's Mellow Fellow
(Woest-Hoeve Uncle Sam/ Daystar's Priscilla)

Dam: Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki
(CH Iron-Owl Hoot's Echo /Royal Cedars Encore Hanalei)

Kidding History:
1 buck, 1 doe
Mini Nubian

5/24/14  Height: 28 1/4
Color: red/brown roan w/black points, frosted ears & muzzle, white poll
Beth Re'im Promised Land
3rd gen. (58.55/41.45%)

Missy is a very well built little doe with beautiful body capacity.
Very wide throughout yet still maintaining nice dairy character.
Her littermate brother "Roo" moved back to PA!!!
Missy is a dream on the milk stand, great udder and
amazingly soft teats and udder!

Tested G6S Normal!!
Missy's littermate brother "Roo" was also tested G6S Normal!!

Sire: Daystar's Sir Justice
(Echo Hill's 7-Up *B/ Echo Hill's Lady Firefly)
Dam: Daystar's Mona
(Country Pride Farm Zacchaeus/Daystar's Naomi)

Kidding History:
2016: 1 buck
2017: 1 buck, 1 doe

Mini Nubian

5/31/14  Height: 26"
Color: red/brown w/ black points
Beth Re'im BG Queen of Sheba
1st gen. (50/50%)

Sheba is gorgeous doeling with great conformation and dairy character.
I am very excited to have this polled girl in my herd and plan on adding
her new genetics to the Mini Nubian world!!!

G6S Normal by parentage!!

Sire: Camanna EB Blue Giacomo
(Camanna BA Elijah Blue/Oak Tree Meadows Maple)
Dam: Royal Cedars CC Tiki's Encore (tested G6S normal)
(CH Alize Charleston Chew/Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki)

Kidding History:

Mini Nubian

3/3/16  Height: N/A
Color: brown buckskin, white on poll, frosted ears, polled
Grace Abounds URD Blue Krystal
4th gen.

Krystal was named after my friend who shares the same birthday.
She is such a darling and has wonderful
conformation and dairy character.
She also has blue eyes!

Dam tested G6S Normal

Sire: Urben Rebel's Duke
(Daystar's Prince of Egypt *B/Daystar's Princess Martha)
Dam: Beth Re'im Promised Land
(Daystar's Sir Justice/Daystar's Mona)

Kidding History:

Mini Nubian

3/7/17  Height: N/A
Color: red/brown w/black points, white on poll & left side; blue eyes
Grace Abounds MB Lil' Sweet Pea
2nd gen.

"Peawee" is an Mini Nubian doeling.
She is an absolute doll and has great dairy character and conformation.

Looking forward to seeing how she matures!

G6S Normal by parentage!!

Sire: Daystar's Master Benjamin
(Tacoma Heritage/B-52's Sweet Romance)
Dam: Beth Re'im Amazing Grace
(Little Mountain's Mellow Fellow/Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki)

Kidding History:

Mini Nubian

3/7/17  Height: N/A
Color: black w/white half blaze, on right side, chest, tail tip, frosted ears; polled



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