Beth Re'im Amazing Grace

DOB: 4/24/14  Height: N/A
Color: red/brown roan w/black points, frosted ears & muzzle, white poll

Mazin' is a lovely yearling with nice conformation and dairy character.
She has a very laid back attitude and loves human attention.
She also comes from amazing MILK lines all around!
When she's out in pasture and I go out to see her, oftentimes I just
clap my hands a few times and she come trotting up to see me!
I cannot wait to see what she produces!

Tested G6S Normal!!



Kidding History:
2017: 1 buck, 2 does
2018: 3 does

V-Show Quotes:

Entry #3 over Entry #4 in general appearance due to a stronger topline and is showing a better extended brisket.
- Lavinia Allen Fall 2015 Show

#3 places over #6 because of her strong feet, sharpness and dairy character. She will grant shoulder structure.
 - Margo Piver Fall 2015 Show

"Six is placing over three dairy character is sharper and more angular throughout.

She has more width and height in the escutcheon."
- Jean Lucas Summer 2014 Show

"#6 places over #3 for her advantages in dairy character being a more open ribbed kid with a more incurving thigh
and then in breed character she shows a more roman nose and more correct length of ear with less control."

Todd Biddle Summer 2014 Show

"The class begins with a similar pair of does with 6 placing over 5. She is wider in the chest floor and deeper in the heart, giving her an advantage in body capacity. In addition she has an advantage in general appearance because she is tighter in the toes, shorter and stronger in the pasterns."
- Tamara Taylor Fall 2014 Show

Click Here to see Mazin's pedigree
Little Mountain's Mellow Fellow VE80

Royal Cedars Hanalei Tiki

Sire's Sire: Woest-Hoeve Uncle Sam

Dam's Sire:
CH Iron-Owl Hoot's Echo

Photo courtesy of Royal Cedars Nubians
Sire's Dam: Daystar's Priscilla

Dam's Dam:
Royal Cedars Encore Hanalei

Photo courtesy of Royal Cedars Nubians

Mazin' at 1 week old:

Mazin' at 1 1/2 weeks old:

Mazin' being silly at 5 1/2 weeks old:

Mazin' at 1 month in the Summer V-show:

Mazin' at 2 months old:

Mazin' at 5 months:
(she did not want to stand for her side shot!)

Mazin' at 9 months:

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